Message of Chaırman

Dear Esteemed Members of Aydın Chamber of Commerce,

I would like to thank all of you for showing us a great favor in the organ election of our Chamber on 1st April and seeing us again worthy of this honorable office.

With the consciousness of the duty you have given to us, we will continue our way through our projects that will respond to the wishes and expectations of our esteemed members.

You should know that in accordance with our member-oriented sense of rule, our projects will be for the improvement of the trade of our esteemed members.

We believe that we can achieve the success in economic and social life of our country and province with you, our esteemed members, by producing services in a happy and peaceful environment to  be formed in this journey that we have come up with the thought of unity and solidarity.

Our aim is not obtaining authority, but providing helpful services for Aydın.We are committed to serve in an effort with the sense of rule which is democratic, participative, transparent and accountable.

We wish you a prosperous business,

Best Regards.


Chairman of Executive Board