Informatıon Technologıes

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collecting tenders in data bank, submitting them for related members’ information,
  • Updating web portal of our Chamber, developing new sub -pages and additional modules, preparing announcements in electronic environment and publishing them,
  • Updating Quality Procedures in our Chamber’s Intranet system, preparing announcements about all subjects prepared by Directorships and approved by authorities, meetings such as seminars, symposiums, panels and domestic and international fairs with domestic and abroad tours realized by our Chamber and seminars in electronic environment and publishing them,
  • Updating our Chamber’s member electronic post data base, improving it, sending broad e- bulletin to our members, publishing electronic tender bulletin especially for the tenders opened in Aegean Region on Wednesday once a week,
  • Transferring e- mails sent by institutions and persons to our Chamber’s e-mail address to related Chamber departments, doing information transfer on time and accurately,
  • Determining new software application needs and doing arrangements in existing software applications, providing Chamber units to utilize from information in their field by providing information integrity,
  • Processing all types of equipment and software system, informing Chamber staff and Board Members about the software programs used and if it is necessary, giving education to them and/or helping to organize education programs,
  • Determining, following and resulting maintenance and repair problems of existing information processing system,
  • Preparing reports if it is necessary in the related fields,
  • Presenting informing about meeting, seminar information, fee reminding, announcements and etc. to our members with Mobile Notification Delivery Service.
  • Managing our Chamber’s Facebook and G+ Social Media Accounts
  • Keeping up to date our website and workplace coordinate information of our members for our Mobile Application.